Video conferencing in the browser, no software download

Contrary to the usual offers of the big video conferencing providers, BigBlueButton does not require any software to be installed. All moderators and participants need is an up-to-date web browser to participate in a video conference. This means that the barrier to entry is low and computer security is not compromised by poorly programmed software. Because BigBlueButton is operated on its own infrastructure, it can also fully comply with data protection requirements.

The range of functions of BigBlueButton helps to meet the requirements of different purposes.

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Functional highlights in BigBlueButton

  •  shareable whiteboard
  •   screensharing
  •  conference recording option
  •  breakout rooms
  •  usable also via smartphone and tablet
  •  telephone dial-in
  •  integration into learning platforms and content management systems

BigBlueButton can be extensively adapted to individual requirements. For example, schools are enabled to offer online lessons for many classes at the same time in compliance with data protection regulations.