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Allow me to introduce: Safeserver.

We too want to make the world a little better. We promise. But: it's only a promise. You will curse. We do that every day too.

"This. You could have thought of that. Ochmenno. Here too. Why? But you can do that."

Well. You know it. No? Welcome to the open source world.

Free software for free and privacy-compliant business decisions. You don't trade data for supposedly free software. They don't trade secrets. They are among themselves. Your data. Their communication. Your togetherness. Even your shenanigans.

No unwanted retargeting. No recommendations based on your click paths. No fear of "what's next?".

You can see the programming code and become an expert. (who will in any mission-critical software?). You can grow without having to reorder licences. You can customise software in terms of your requirements.

Welcome to the open source world.

You know where your data is. You agree (or not) to the sale of your data. You are independent of your manufacturer's offer.

Oh. There is no Android software for your favourite application? Identify, formulate, find solutions on how to do it better together. So you too! Money alone only pays off to a limited extent. Describe your wishes, support where you have competence. Be actively involved.

Welcome to the open source world.

At Safeserver, we make it easy for you to enter the open source world. Just click. Already there.

They will curse and want to blame us. I promise. But that rolls off our backs. We are not the open source communities, but we are part of them.

And you too can become part of it.

Together, we make the world a better place. A place that belongs to us. A place that pays tribute to our business model as well as to the requirements of, for example, the GDPR. We live with the fact that there are these bling-bling offers that are much (!) better and that we nevertheless do not (will not) use because of our attitude.

Damn. They fit us.

Welcome to the open source world. Welcome to Safeserver.

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DeepL is a deep learning company that develops AI systems for languages. The company, based in Cologne, Germany, was founded in 2009 as Linguee, and introduced the first internet search engine for translations. Linguee has answered over 10 billion queries from more than 1 billion users.

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Stephan Luckow

Stephan is an open source evangelist and constantly curious about technologies. Thematically, his blog posts can best be summarised as "curiosity satisfied".