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In the basic configuration of BigBlueButton, we naturally pay attention to DSGVO compliance and ensure that there is no possibility of BBB recording conferences. But what if you want to record a webinar and make it available to others? Simple. That's what OBS is for.

Open Broadcaster Software

OBS is an open source software for video recording and real-time broadcasting. It is available for Linux, macOS and Windows operating systems.

OBS setup for macOS

Since the software is very powerful and extensive, the configuration can be a bit time-consuming. I myself use macOS and show here my setup, which I could have used well when I created my first screencast via OBS.

What do I need?

  • Software OBS for recording image and sound signals.
  • iShowU Video Capture as an extension to record audio signals from the computer.
  •  App audio MIDI setup to manage the audio sources.

How do I configure OBS & Co?

  • iShowU Video Capture
  • Audio MIDI setup
    • Search for Audio MIDI Setup in the Spotlight search and select/launch the app.
    • Click on the +sign at the bottom left and select Create device with multiple audio outputs.
    • In the name of the newly created audio device multi-output device click once and change the name. I have named it OBS Audio Setup.
    • Now select Output (integrated) under Main Device at the top.
    • Below that, set the sample rate to 44.1 kHz.
    • Now select the audio devices output (integrated), iShowU Audio Capture and if necessary Bluetooth headphones, like in my case the AirPods Pro.
    • Finished configuring, the app can be closed.
  • OBS - Open Broadcaster Software
    • Settings: First, go to the settings on the bottom right and click on Audio on the left side. Now deactivate all audio devices and confirm with Okay.
    • Scene: Click on the +sign at the bottom left of the scene window, create a new scene and name it.
    • Sources: To the right of this, click the +sign in the Sources window and select Window Capture. The actual source is then selected from the drop-down menu at the bottom. All windows that are selectable are displayed there.
    • Sources: Click on the +sign again and select Audio Input Recording and assign a name, iPods Pro for me. In the dropdown menu select the headset, for me the iPods Pro and click on Okay.
    • Sources: Click the +sign again and select Audio Input Capture and give it a name, System Audio Capture for me. In the dropdown menu select the headset, for me the iShowU Audio Capture and click on Okay.
    • The rest of the configuration can be done according to your taste and can be adjusted at any time. For more information, see OBS and the OBS Wiki.
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