WCAG 3 - A first overview

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We are committed to the accessibility of content management systems, among others in the open source communities of the CMS Garden. Currently, we have taken a look at the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 3.0, which are available in draft form as a future international standard for Internet offerings. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the body for standardising techniques on the internet, published them in January 2021.

The actual state

Currently, the WCAG apply in version 2.0. - whereby extensions were made with version 2.1 and 2.2. In Germany, they are the basis of the BITV (Barrier-free Information Technology Ordinance). The WCAG describe three levels of conformity: A, AA and AAA. The BITV is based on the middle level, i.e. AA.

What changes?

In WCAG 3.0, the success criteria are restructured and renamed. When they come into force, there will be bronze, silver and gold. Bronze corresponds to the status that would be comparable with AA conformity. This already shows that the requirements for accessibility are potentially increasing. The new conformity levels are intended to provide an incentive to ensure greater accessibility. After all, very few people are satisfied with a bronze medal.

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