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ready2plugin solves the most pressing problems of solar plugs

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The product promises of ready2plugin are zero feed-in and safe operation of the self-generation systems. We do this quite elegantly with a patented algorithm that continuously determines the line reserve of the electrical phase and controls the inverter. Since we also know the current load profile (i.e. your electricity demand) through the calculations, we can ensure zero feed-in. With this, we solve the last pains found in the details of balcony power plant operation.

Last year, together with the Berlin University of Applied Sciences (in german: HTW) and the Beuth University of Technology Berlin - which was renamed the Berlin University of Technology (in german: BHT) in October 2021 - we revised our prototype from 2018 and laid essential foundations to turn it into a marketable product in the next step. We will start single-phase and thus address the market of plug-in solar devices. We want to tackle the market for three-phase systems in a later step.

Completely own hardware development

Admittedly: We use established components available on the market. The processor, for example, is an ESP32 and the RS485 interface does not have to be reinvented either. Relays and transformers are a dime a dozen. The engineering work of the last few months was mainly in the PCB layout. Thanks to great open-source software like KiCad, we were able to do this completely ourselves. We have now ported our code, which we had written in Python in the first prototype, to C.

We still assemble and bake our zero series ourselves. However, in a few weeks' time, this will be taken over by automatic assembly machines for larger quantities, which will carry out this process much more efficiently. That will be exciting :) (We will of course report on it!)

If you are thinking about actively contributing to the energy transition by generating clean electricity for your own use with a balcony solar unit, our indielux wattage calculator can give you an idea of the purchase costs and payback period. In any case, the investment will pay for itself after a few years!


Leiterplatten werden per Pinzette bestückt

Two circuit boards are fitted with components using tweezers.

Fertig bestückte Platinen auf der Backofenschiene

Two fully assembled circuit boards lie on the oven rail.

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