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Terms such as digital sovereignty, digital transformation or digital leadership are often thrown around, and we discuss them in our blogposts. In joint projects with you, we prefer a common understanding to buzzwords.

We develop digital solutions with expertise based on open source solutions and with a focus on accessibilitydata protection and sustainability.

As an independent service provider, we implement solutions exclusively as free software (open source). This means that our customers remain independent of manufacturers and free to choose their service provider.

We offer consulting, development and implementation of sophisticated web applications. We also offer services in the areas of operation, conception, design, usability, training and education.

You are also welcome to commission us to organize professional support for you for free software products. Our involvement in the open source communities has formed a network of highly specialized people and friendly companies.

We also give lectures on the following topics:

  • Introduction to the concept of free software
  • Corporate culture and free software
  • Free Software Community

Solutions and services around open source software

  • Requirements engineering
  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Concepts
  • Expertise
  • Orchestration of solutions
  • Agile development

Expertise in the development of things

IT administration and security services. We offer planning and maintenance of networks, web hosting, deployment, infrastructure. In short: IT consulting and solutions for distributed teams, including GDPR and security policies.

Company Without An Interesting Name: This is our label for websites and web applications with considered design, ambitious development and adjustable concepts.

Broken Image offers usability expertise, accessibility surveys and suitable user testing. Our experts are using modern technology, therefore testing with Voiceover, Alexa, and Seeing AI as well. That's what we call “accessibility 4.0”.

"We make watts" is the claim of Berlin-based indielux GmbH, which has been developing safe solutions for plug-in solar devices since 2014.

Things we have developed

Arts + culture portal software for regional marketing

A government CMS based on free and open source (Drupal). Public money for public code.

A service for online registration of creative work/ideas, adressing copyright owners who shy away from notarial acts (costs).

Standardized site audits that reveal the "health status" of CMS-based setups. We offer audits for Drupal, Plone, TYPO3, Joomla!, WordPress, Contao.

We actively support the development of these awesome projects

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