CMS Audits

We provide standardized expert opinions on the "state of health" of CMS-based systems, for currently Drupal, Plone, TYPO3, Joomla!, WordPress, Contao. The focus is on the question of system maintainability and obvious configuration errors.

"We are looking for a new agency to maintain our website - what would it cost with you folks?" - Many calls to web agencies start this way. Of course, there's always the standard answer to that: "It depends." To do that, you have to deep dive into the content management system to estimate the scope of third-party extensions, custom programming, configuration complexity, and approximate quantity scales (users, content, media). You don't do that in passing or during a preliminary meeting.

We have often done such site audits and developed a product from them, which we offer at a flat rate. The work result is an expert opinion, on the basis of which other agencies can also prepare a maintenance offer. Through our involvement in CMS Garden e. V., we know professionals for various open source content management systems, whom we consult as needed.