CMS Garden Open Web Lounge

by Manfred Wöller

Publication date

Digital sovereignty and data protection were the requirements for the realisation of the virtual Open Web Lounge of CMS Garden e. V. this year.

This post describes the selection of components that contributed to the success of the event and which we were able to help deploy.For its virtual Open Web Lounge 2020, CMS Garden e. V. challenged us to realise the implementation exclusively with open source tools and self-services. Digital sovereignty and data protection should not be disregarded.

Customer wishes

  • Realise a virtual conference exclusively with open source software.
  • All tools used should be self-hosted and operated on infrastructure located in Germany. Focus on digital sovereignty and continuous compliance with the GDPR.
  • Deploy BigBlueButton and make it scalable.
  • Integration of Cloudron, as and the collaborative protocol pad CodiMD are already running on it. Members of the CMS Garden are all registered with their account in the Cloudron LDAP.
  • Participation should be possible free of charge. Interested parties should register independently. Must-have: Interested parties should automatically be registered as users in the downstream open source tools! Nice-to-Have: Single-sign-on would be nice, but is not a showstopper.
  • monitors of the instance to be able to turn screws in time.


The implementation is carried out with Univention Corporate Server, Cloudron and BBBatScale.

A more detailed description of the project can be found on the blog of our partner Univention. Article Open Web Lounge in the Univention blog.


We have learned from the initial pain and improved our setup so that we can now also equip larger events safely and with high performance.

Useful links for the setup