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OpenCulturas was developed as a free open-source solution with the aim of offering cultural professionals a platform that suits their specific contexts while being as versatile as possible.

OpenCulturas is characterised by the strong networking of user-generated content: Person and group profiles, event locations, reusable event descriptions to which current dates can easily be attached, magazine articles, focus categories. The platform invites you to discover it, as all content refers to each other and links to other content.

Great importance was attached to accessibility and device independence during implementation. Usability tests and feedback support continuous improvement and further development.

As a result, after just under a year of development, not only was the basic version of the software published, but also two cultural platforms based on OpenCulturas.

The Drupal distribution OpenCulturas was nominated for the SplashAward in 2023.

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Mentioned in this article


Regional cultural marketing made simple: With OpenCulturas as a platform, cultural professionals are able to retain control over their information and present their up-to-date information to a broad...