Receive job applications securely

by Manfred Wöller

Publication date

They come across as friendly unsolicited applications, but contain a threatening code: Spam mails with a hidden crypto Trojan. As soon as you open the Excel or Zip file in the attachment, the installed malware becomes active, renders data unusable or, in the worst case, paralyzes the entire company. And viruses can even be hidden in an open Doc file. How can you protect yourself against this?

How do the big ones do it?

Many large companies allow applicants to upload their application documents exclusively via their website, with clear specifications regarding file format and size. In the background, these files are checked for viruses, quarantined or released.

The smart solution

We provide them with a mini-computer, the size of a cigar box, with a Nextcloud installed and an antivirus running. Like big companies, they allow their applicants to upload application documents via their website. Of course, we take care of the technical implementation. An additional advantage is being able to provide their customers with a DSGVO-compliant mailbox. Like a real letterbox, only digital.

As an alternative to purchase, we also offer this solution in the form of a managed service for rent. You can rent this from us for one or more months. In other words, you only pay for the service for as long as you really need it. Sounds fair.

Whether buying or renting, the GDPR is always complied with.