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Making our products and services in the Safeserver division appealing to the world is something we have been doing for several years now. For a long time, WordPress gave us reasonably good opportunities. When we started to implement our Applications.Safeserver offering with the Drupal CMS on a subdomain, it was the beginning of the end.

Surprisingly, the workaround lasted a few years.

In the course of our own "service consolidation" and because we were able to delve deeper into the topic of ERP with Odoo at indielux, we decided to relaunch the Safeserver services on Odoo.

We introduced Odoo at GzEvD almost a year ago in version 16. My own first points of contact were years ago. Somewhere around version 8, there was just never the right moment to introduce an ERP. It's such a big plank that needs to be driven.  And who wants to question their entire workflow without necessity?

Surprisingly, Odoo is very smooth in the initial provision of a basic theme. However, it quickly becomes clear that it does not have the power of full-blown content management systems such as Drupal. And the entire initial flow feels a bit like painting by numbers. A bit like websites that are built with a paid theme. 

Stick to the design specifications. There are 4 important features. Come up with one more, otherwise the layout will break.

But we knew what we were getting into and wanted to get the issue off the table fairly quickly. After all, time is money.

Today, is seeing the light of day with a new brand and a new technological basis. We follow our own guidelines, which we recite in every customer project. 

Go online as quickly as possible and improve along the way. 

Version 1.0 is now online and we can see a thousand areas for improvement. But the first step has been taken and we look forward to your feedback when you go through the "customer journey" and let us know where you are still missing information and where we need to provide arguments as to why self-hosted open source software is the only right way to go. And we would be even happier if you don't miss anything and simply accept our offer :)

Ideally, there will be no media discontinuity. Let's see. 

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Mentioned in this article
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