Usability testing for accessibility

The usefulness of a Thinking aloud test is indisputable to find out where the weaknesses of a tool lie. We combine this methodology with accessibility testing in which our test persons test your application, e.g. with screen readers or supported by sign language interpreters.

And because we are so adept at remote work, the test leader and test subject meet in BigBlueButton or Jitsi and record the session. As a result, you receive the recording as well as a written evaluation that you can evaluate with your team.

Of course, our Broken Image business department also offers classic accessibility testing, e.g. expert opinions according to BITV or WCAG, as well as the creation and monitoring of accessibility declarations.

By the way, the name of this test is a contraction of usability and accessibility (with the common abbreviation A11y), the internationally common terms for usability and accessibility.

Would you like an example?

We subjected our own website to such a test and actually found hurdles ourselves. In the words of our accessibility blogger Dennis Westphal: "Interesting how differently you walk through when the task is different from the general quality assurance." Dennis put himself in the shoes of a casual acquaintance of the company for this exemplary recording.

Feel free to be curious, you can download the associated test record here:

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